Blog Updates & Site Announcements

Work on the CosmoBC Community has been delayed because we have focused more on our blogs instead. Aside from posting content more often, we also made some improvements in their design. We made them more user friendly and less cluttered.

We also added the the Google +1 button, which is a new social bookmarking and recommendation service from Google. So feel free to +1 us! 🙂

Our flash games section and car galleries have been retired and further work on them will be discontinued. You can now read about cars and games in the CosmoBC TechBlog.

We have a few more upgrades planned for the blogs as well as a few site-wide modifications concerning the general layout. Afterwards we are planning a complete redesign of the CosmoBC Community. All this will conclude our Beta v0.3 phase of development.

New Footer & Toolbar

As you may have noticed, we have recently released our new footer design, followed by a new toolbar on our blogs.

The footer allows for better navigation between all our blogs, sections and features. The toolbar enables users to interact even more with our blogs. They can share, subscribe to RSS, become fan, tweet, etc. right from the toolbar. There are also a few other options on the toolbar that enable better browsing through the blogs’ content.

All this, brings us much closer to Beta v0.3! More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Cool New Sharing Icons

We just added new sharing icons at the end of each post on our blogs, with cool messages such as “Share the love!”, “Sharing is caring!” or “Sharing is sexy!”.

It is now much easier to share our posts on all the major social bookmarking and sharing sites.

So we’re asking you to please share the love, cuz sharing is sexy! 😛

Thank you all!