Introduction of CAPTCHAs for Commenting on Blogs

Due to the astronomical amounts of comment spam that we were receiving on our blogs, we decided to implement a CAPTCHA system. We are sorry for the mild inconvenience, but it was a necessary evil. Thanks for your understanding.

On a side-note, did you know that CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”?

Comment Subscription Feature

If you recently commented on any CosmoBC blog, then you probably have seen the new comment subscription feature. It basically allows you to subscribe to receive email notifications each time someone has posted a reply to your comment.

If you do not wish to subscribe, simply uncheck the box before posting your comment. Also if you already subscribed and changed your mind you can click on the “manage subscriptions” link below the comment box at the end of every post and you will be sent a link to your account. From there you can manage all you subscriptions and decide which ones you want to keep and which you would prefer to remove.

Please keep in mind that this feature is in the development stage, so if you encounter any bugs, please report them to us through our contact form.

New Site Design and Beta v0.3!

As you may have noticed, we have completely redesigned the whole site. With this new design it is easier to navigate as it is much more intuitive than the previous one. It also loads faster and has a bigger font for those of you that were complaining about the really small font that we had on most of the site until now. This layout is also a bit wider (1024px instead of 960px) which means there is more room for the content and larger images.

After numerous considerations, we have decided to retire the CosmoBC Community social network, since all of the site’s features are accessible to everyone even if they are not logged it. So no need for people to login and have profiles, unless they are writers for our blogs.

We hope you will enjoy this new look! 🙂

Beta v0.3!

Blog Updates & Site Announcements

Work on the CosmoBC Community has been delayed because we have focused more on our blogs instead. Aside from posting content more often, we also made some improvements in their design. We made them more user friendly and less cluttered.

We also added the the Google +1 button, which is a new social bookmarking and recommendation service from Google. So feel free to +1 us! 🙂

Our flash games section and car galleries have been retired and further work on them will be discontinued. You can now read about cars and games in the CosmoBC TechBlog.

We have a few more upgrades planned for the blogs as well as a few site-wide modifications concerning the general layout. Afterwards we are planning a complete redesign of the CosmoBC Community. All this will conclude our Beta v0.3 phase of development.

Recent Changes

As you may have seen, has recently undergone a few changes. The most visible one is our new header. It is now much simpler and takes less space.

Another change is a much faster page load time due to the re-coding our our templates. We got rid of most JavaScript (except for where absolutely necessary) and replaced it with more efficient code. We have also cleaned up the clutter on the blogs’ sidebar, which ended up also speeding up load time by a bit.

There has also been some changes in the CosmoBC Community. Some bugs have been fixed and the community navigation bar has been simplified for easier access to all the most important features of the site.

More changes will be coming in the next few weeks, which will ultimately lead to Beta v0.3!

New Footer & Toolbar

As you may have noticed, we have recently released our new footer design, followed by a new toolbar on our blogs.

The footer allows for better navigation between all our blogs, sections and features. The toolbar enables users to interact even more with our blogs. They can share, subscribe to RSS, become fan, tweet, etc. right from the toolbar. There are also a few other options on the toolbar that enable better browsing through the blogs’ content.

All this, brings us much closer to Beta v0.3! More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

New design on CosmoBC blogs

The new design is finally out on all CosmoBC blogs! It has been made to be more user-friendly and easier to read.

It also includes a lot of new features. For example it has widgets that list the most popular posts, the top commentators, recent visitors, etc.

In addition, all our blogs are now CommentLuv enabled. CommentLuv is a plugin that can show the commentator’s last blog post. It is a plugin greatly appreciated by fellow bloggers.

All this means that we are almost half way through to Beta v0.2!


Tweet Buttons & What’s Next

As you may have noticed we added “Tweet Buttons” to all our blogs. That way you can ReTweet any article from our blogs with one click!

What’s Next? First of all, we are completely redesigning our blogs’ appearance. We are also adding lots of new options, widgets and features, of which the “Tweet Buttons” are only the first. Then we will redesign the CosmoBC Community as well as the site’s main homepage. At that point the transition from Beta v0.1 to v0.2 will be complete.

Cool New Sharing Icons

We just added new sharing icons at the end of each post on our blogs, with cool messages such as “Share the love!”, “Sharing is caring!” or “Sharing is sexy!”.

It is now much easier to share our posts on all the major social bookmarking and sharing sites.

So we’re asking you to please share the love, cuz sharing is sexy! 😛

Thank you all!